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11 Jul 2016


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Review by Jerome Johnston (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 08 Apr 2012

Nowadays, most people are using GPS devices in order to travel more efficiently from a point to another. That's because GPS devices can automatically find the best route for them, wherever they go, thus saving car fuel and time. But the problem with some GPS devices is that it's really difficult to set up a complex itinerary. This is where ITN Converter comes in hand. It's a simple Windows application which can design complex routes for various GPS devices.

The program needs little time to install and can be used by almost anyone. No matter what GPS device is used, ITN Converter can create compatible itinerary files with that device. The user just needs to search the desired locations on the map and then add them to the itinerary. After this is done, one can simply calculate the distance between all of them. ITN Converter uses the Google Maps API in order to search for locations and calculate distances. After setting up the desired itinerary, the user can simply export it in one of the file types supported, which are compatible with numerous GPS devices, including TomTom, Garmin, iGO and so on.

Besides creating itineraries, ITN Converter can also import and convert existing ones easily. The program can import virtually any itinerary file format available, including the KML format produced by Google Earth. The program's interface can display all the locations contained by an itinerary, in a list, together with their latitude and longitude. This information is very useful for simpler GPS devices, like the ones used by cyclists.


It allows creating itineraries using an unlimited number of locations. Besides that, desired locations can be easily found on a Google Maps-style map. Furthermore, the program is compatible with most GPS devices and can generate files which are compatible with most of them. Furthermore, the program can import and edit already made itinerary files. What's more, every location name has its coordinates displayed next to it.


The program does not allow exporting generated files directly on GPS devices. ITN Converter is a useful tool for creating itinerary files for a wide range of GPS devices, in the quickest and easiest manner possible.

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